Ji Chang Wook speaks about the dating rumors involving YoonA Ji Chang Wook speaks about the dating rumors involving YoonA

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There's quite a lot of evidence to support this: He starts as a rather daunting and abusive retainer for the future Saints, but he is in truth a man who is honor-bound to protect Saori, and ultimately is the series' comic relief. He saved Shion's, Dohko and Tenma's lives, by protecting them from the Skeleton soldiers.

However, I will give this to Hyoga: Please remember how Hyoga faired at first during the 12 Houses Arc.

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He was one of the first Saints to reach the 7th Sense, defeated the strongest Marine General sans Kanon, when he reached the 8th sense he defeated three Gold Saint level Specters at once. Her true form is visible in the giant Athena Parthenos statue in Sanctuary.

Just before he died, he told Saori all the truth regarding the encounter with Aiolos in Sanctuary and her divine origins and purpose of her birth in this era.

Athena meets with him in the gate to time-space. Miho is in love with Seiya to some degree, and in a sense represents the point of view of the normal people who are mere witnesses to the struggles among the gods. His participation is to date, reduced to only mentions by other characters and in background narrative.

It was long implied that Marin, Seiya's mentor, could be Seika, and some characters, including Seiya, thought it was possibly true.

In the manga, it was revealed that he was actually the birth father of all the orphans he sent around the world to be trained as Saints. He also foresees Hades' return to Earth and prepares Sanctuary to face such event. He was in charge of overseeing the orphans who were to be sent out all over the world to train and become Bronze Saints, and due to his extreme severity and at times downright abusive behavior, most of them were resentful towards him.

Marin and Seika even shared the same physical characteristics: This isn't even mentioning the Hades Chapter, where he is the last Saint to awaken the 8th Sense Only in his fight with Minos Meanwhile Shiryu is a way better fighter, has a cleaner and more focused mind, and his attacks show noticeable technique.

Guilty was responsible for Esmeralda's death, and died at the hands of Ikki, as his final trial to become a Saint, not before revealing to Ikki the secret of his birth. A false Pope, who swore allegiance to Hades also plays a role in the storyline, whether he and the legitimate Pope are the same person, still remains to be revealed by Kurumada.