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The youth get naked, light torches and hoot in the darkness.

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Suns' head rests in Tanel's lap. They occupy the headquarters of the staff.

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Pretending that she has to take care of a girlfriend, the Sun, who is seriously ill, Diana is unfaithful to Tanel. Diana is also unfaithful to the Sun, tricking her into a room, where a guy wants to rape her.

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They are even prepared to set themselves in fire. They are looking forward to the coming three days, to the gathering of the Estonian pupils' summer brigades ; three days full of adventures, falling in love and party.

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The shocking sight of hundreds of rotten pigs that have carelessly been thrown into a hole behind the pig shed of the collective farm gives the youth an idea: In this night they are ready to go till the bitter end. Estonia, Finland Written by: But they are living in a totalitarian system and the energy of the youth is pressed into rigid frames of proper behaviour.

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Parallel to this we can take part of Tanel's love story. Tanel has come to the gathering in the hope to meet there his girlfriend Diana and spend a night with her - their first night together.

Thousands of pigs, enjoying the freedom, run into the lake, knocking the farmers off their feet.

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The energy that has been blocked up is released and a revolt against injustice breaks out. The heads of the gathering try to find a compromise but the youth refuse to obey.

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Tanel and Sun have freed the pigs from the pig shed of the collective farm. Tanel opens his eyes. The militia cars are approaching from the forest.

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In summer five hundred to year-old young people, bursting with energy, have gathered into a camp beside a forest lake.