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Silicon valley this guy flirts, other california cities:

Nicole Brodeur is a Seattle Times columnist. They let him keep the balls, though. But the boys are in love with the praise of their beta, prompting Jared to beam. Erlich tells them he's about to take the stage, where he plans to rub his latest success in the faces of his "fiercest rivals.

Window after window of turds at Hooli! Big Head and Erlich's launch party goes awry.


The sideburns are a genius comic creation. Synopsis Richard's neuroses could ruin his new relationship. When Bachman and Big Head visit the D.

Who would have the Mudhoney poster, you think? When they find out she codes with spaces, not tabs, they warn her against revealing the information to Richard.

Dinesh is smitten with a foreign coworker. Dinesh continues to flirt with Elisabet via video chat, though Gilfoyle reminds him the quality is poor and she could actually be ugly.

Let me just sit here in the dark. He has exceptional taste. Dinesh starts a separate chat afterwards with pretty engineer Elisabet but Gilfoyle is skeptical of the genuineness of her flirtation.

And one more thing? Dinesh and Richard glumly sip drinks at the "Bachmanity" launch party. The guys learn that Winnie, the woman Richard met at the restaurant, spent the night.