'Single Girl's' Comical Christmas Cards Go Viral - ABC News 'Single Girl's' Comical Christmas Cards Go Viral - ABC News

Single girl christmas card reddit, this reddit user creates christmas cards for the sole purpose of embarrassing her mom

Your beauty is just a bonus.

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Have a happy and loving holiday! Make a self-post instead.

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Why no one actually wants to hear 'you'll find someone' In previous years, Bridget's Christmas cards have mainly centred around alcohol, with other presumably single friends joining her to set the scene.

You can share your own romantic Christmas messages for your girlfriend and show the world how much you love her by writing your message on our comment section below. Image Macros that aren't memes are allowed No gore or porn including sexually graphic images. Wish her the loving and best words and give her delight this holiday.

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No Politics Anything involving politics or a political figure. Other NSFW content must be tagged as such But this year she's chosen only one feathered friend to help her send messages of goodwill — a chicken.

Click for an Example.

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You may write your own Christmas greetings on it and share it to her social media account. No SMS or social media content. Rehosted and hotlinked webcomics will be removed, unless you are the creator.

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