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Single woman two cats hugging, welcome to shutterstock! we license images you can confidently use for any project.

She will stand on her hind legs with her front paws wrapped around my thigh.

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This behavior crosses over to tame cats, as well, except they may view you as a stand-in for mom or a sibling. Being hugged by a cat, or even just having one lay next to you and purr, is great for human mental health, stress management, and even — in some cases — physical health.

Cat hugs woman

Do your cats give hugs? When my cat gets scared, she wraps her arms around my neck much the way the toddler embraces his mom: Even these painful to you attack games are a sign of trust and affection, though.

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Meowing is also a trait reserved for communication with humans, and they have even learned a little of our own language. Hugging your cat is beneficial to you both and strengthens the bond between you. At least they pretty much ignore me or run from me!

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Other times, they may just be mimicking your behavior! Cats Copying Your Hugs Sometimes, cats hug simply because they see you doing it. The short answer is yes. I have a family of ferals outside my home and while many of them are unrelated, they hug like one big happy family. If the subject of their attack is not prey or a territorial feline opponentthey will likely kick and bite lightly — a form of playful affection.

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Why do cats hug? Our feline companions have a number of ways to show affection.

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While they like to be secure, and some like to be held, actually holding them tightly restricts their movement and generally makes them uncomfortable like everything, there are some exceptions to this — some cats love to be swaddled. Cats also love to knead to show contentment.

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