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Together they can be overwhelming, and for a cast member still acclimating in her second season, it might have been too much. Girl is certain of many things, not one of which makes a lick of sense.

Her acting this season has been as solid as ever, but given the stellar work so far by Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Vanessa Bayer, Strong would need another Girl to be seen as having a comparable season.

Cecily strong

It could have been seen as an omen that her very first Update joke required her to say the names Hassan Rouhani and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Strong has made a smaller splash this season, partially due to the sheer size of the cast 16, including featured players. By mid-season, her smiles often seemed forced, and certain audience reactions still threw her.

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Follow him on Twitter at larrygetlen. While Girl shreds a certain type of person, Heather takes on an industry, exposing the limited portrayal of women in many male-centered films, and reflecting to us, by way of our immediate familiarity with every aspect of her character, how ingrained these sexist, incomplete versions of women have become over the course of our lifelong movie-going experience.

At the time, Meyers was preparing his late night show for NBC. Her tone is insistent and her certainty ingrained, but both pale next to her talent for expressing contempt. Speculation about the next Update anchor was rampant, with no obvious successor save for SNL writer John Mulaney, whose own Fox sitcom removed him from consideration.

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Strong uses Heather, timed to the growing conversation online about the lack of solid roles for women in Hollywood, to show just how shallowly such characters are often written. Without them, she was just a woman flirting instead of doing her job, leading some to complain the character was more sexist than feminist.

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Way to set back female tech reporters.