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In an effort to avenge the Saiyan race and prove himself the strongest of his people, Vegeta fought Freiza; and promptly lost. Saiyans are a warrior race. He hated going to the doctor if only because he would refuse to take a shot.

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Throughout most of Dragon Ball Z, and especially the movies, Goku comes into contact with a lot of villains who call him Kakarot. Pushed to his limits while training for the mechanical monstrosities, Vegeta nearly dies and all but gives up on becoming a Super Saiyan; the intense emotional turmoil proved to be the key in unlocking the transformation.

The idea of challenging him was considered not just foolhardy, but suicidal. As for Vegeta, the Saiayn prince absolutely abhors worms. Vegito, possessing the combined personalities of the two Saiyans, is ridiculously egotistical and loves putting Buu down with insult after insult.

The Saiyan prince probed a bit further, reminding Goku that he has two kids. Just kidding, not everyone loves Goku.

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Goku apologizes to the Supreme Kai for the extreme threat, and Babidi giggles at Supreme Kai's actions, deeming him a coward. How long do you think it lasted? From the DBO timeline.


Vegeta came close to getting his revenge in Resurrection of F, but his victory was snatched from him and Goku delivered the killing blow. Then go to a website named "www. As Supreme Kai pleads to Vegeta in woe to not give into whatever Babidi is asking of him, Vegeta holds his head in agony as the spell becomes stronger.

Despite the warnings of Supreme Kai, and the encouragement to fight back from Gohan, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyanand emerges from the attack on his mind with an evil grin, and Babidi's signature "M" on his forehead, showing he has become one of Babidi's minions. Despite Vegeta receiving a power boost, Goku was holding back during their fight; essentially toying around with Vegeta.

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