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Spoolmatic 30a hookupwave, troubleshooting

Gun Drive Assembly Maintenance Thumbscrew Canister Cover Loosen thumbscrew and remove cover. Pressure Roll Assembly Lift arm and open pressure roll assembly.

Hardwire Liner Kit for Steel and Stainless See pages 3 and 4 for a complete aluminum system. Barrel Pistol Insulator 6.

New 30' High Quality USA Leather Cable Cover For Miller Spoolmatic 30A

Standard features include a wire run-in control and a drive motor acceleration control which ensure optimum arc starting Install new o-ring and adapter, and tighten setscrews. Gas flow blows dust and dirt from valve.

Quick-change, single-turn contact tip provides excellent performance and ease of replacement. Air-Cooled Assembly Kit 2. Installing Gas Supply Obtain gas cylinder and chain to running gear, wall, or other station- ary support so cylinder cannot fall and break off valve.

Gun Drive Assembly Maintenance Retract wire onto spool. Guns are warranted for 1 year, parts and labor. Spoolmatic Gun The Spoolmatic Pistol Grip Gun is an industrial, well-balanced spool gun and features a built-in gas valve, rotatable canister, all-wire dual groove drive roll and 15 ft 15A or 30 ft 30A cable reach.

Wire Spool Loosen wire from spool, cut off bent wire, and pull 6 in mm of wire off spool. Includes gas hose, control cord, and weld power cable with International-style insulated connector.