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You can see the master controller, three toggle switch consoles and a timetable holder in the centre of the desk integrated in a large toggle switch console. The central power module has limits with heat dissipation as well which can lead into situations where the power output needs to be limited which is automatically done in this construction concept.

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With the second generation the available options for GTW trains had already expanded - meter gauge vehicles can be ordered in a 2. For operational flexibility up to four GTWs of the same pattern can be operated as a multiple unit. Master controller The S C from Schaltbau is a versatile handy master controller and brake controller especially designed for multiple unit trains.

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These follow the DB design being produced since for other customers as well, for example a batch of 12 trains went to Athens Greece in meter gauge ordered indelivered since It has become a favourite among railway operators all over Europe. They started customer operation in March The first units were scheduled to enter passenger service on 29 February Twenty-six units will be used on the Oslo Commuter Rail and the remaining 24 units will be used on regional and express routes.

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Its headshape design follows the style of the Deutsche Bahn trains as they were already on production at DWA, and eventually the DB Regio services did also order a batch of 30 trains of a similar type as the 30 trains ordered by the HLB only the height of the low floor section differs.

In addition to that you will find snap-action switches for automatic door control and emergency brake hanldles from Schaltbau in the entrance vestibules of the multiple unit train.

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Instead of the middle car, another drive module can also be inserted. The full series were then manufactured at the new Stadler Pankow Berlin facilities being built in by a joint venture with ADtranz. They also come in different gauges and as rack railway vehicles.

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The fourth generation came along with new regulations in the EU that were increasing the crash worthiness requirements see EN