25 Games Like Stardom: Your Quest For Fame – Top Best Alternatives 25 Games Like Stardom: Your Quest For Fame – Top Best Alternatives

Stardom game dating tips, be nice to rival celebrities and gain a fanbase

Jul 18, at You'll be interviewed by the starnews dude Connect with people during this time, search everything and slowly but steadily you will increase all your stats, get energy faster and keep your future star busy!

Furnish Your Home When you have time to go back to your first condo, make sure to furnish it. Depends but hope this helped a lot make sure to like! Also when Arnie says are you ready for a movie click yes.


Evathegamer How to get Married Are you stuck on the whole "getting married thing"? If you run out of energy, you can buy more in the starshop, or you can go outside and tap on the birds.

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Print This Page Clickables There are clickables throughout every area. KyleeCham How's to refill energy Works as of August 6. Keep on doing it until you get something.

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LaylaIsAmazing How to get much more fans Hi, when your offered roles in films or movies by Arnie then take them but don't do them until you want to instead go on dates the better the relationship the more fans to get even more fans make sure the person you are dating is famous preferably A or B lister.

On my third nomination, i got my award. In order to get a ton loads more fan you just buy a nice fancy house that can hold more animals. The game allows the player to go on different Molding shows and prove himself as a best in the world.

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Having top stars as contacts will give you the chance to invite them to shoot a scene together. Esperenza How to complete a date in under 5 minutes! The better the star, the bigger the bonus you will get.