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Or perhaps a lazy edit. Like Gino, Seagal has also caused his share of collateral damage for the greater good as when he reportedly drove a tank through the wall of someone's house and allegedly killed their puppy while operating in his capacity as Steven Seagal: Later Gino gets into his car—where the puppy has apparently been the whole time—and echoes what we are all thinking: I encourage you to try this at home, kids.

When Seagal begins sneaking into the remaining rooms of the apartment he disarms a gunman by pulling him through a bannister. In the opening scene of Out for Justice, Steven Seagal watches a pimp beat up a sex worker from chidynma obimo dating unmarked van and turns to his partner.

The last action scene is mainly a gun fight with Seagal firing multiple rounds from a pump action shotgun without actually pumping it. The pimp continues to beat his ho' and in the next bit of dialogue we learn everything we need to know about Seagal's character.

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It was there that I was able to learn that the Palyul monastery in Tibet has declared Seagal to be a reincarnation of Chungdrag Dorje. The two have this exchange: In this scene Seagal pre-empted one of today's fashions by almost thirty years: The moment you leave the subway station you are surrounded by men in plaid shirts with lumberjack beards ripping fat vape clouds.

Steven Seagal in Out For Justice, Bar Scene!

The kind of place where the mob and police kept balance with an uneasy handshake and where the only force for real change was an angry aikidoka with a ponytail.

So let's begin our review of Seagal's career about half way through. We filmed those scenes on Lacy Street, in a slummy area of old wooden buildings that could pass for Brooklyn.

As police officers arrest the pimp and his cohorts the religious Seagal fan might be running his buttery fingers through his mullet and wondering if he was just robbed of a fight scene. You now know that Bobby is either going to betray Seagal or get murdered pretty quickly.

I really liked working with Bill Forsythe and Jerry Orbach and all those guys in the car who played the killers.