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So when you did that reading in San Francisco a few weeks ago on mushrooms…you stopped reading after two minutes. I understand, but then maybe we should lose the quotes [Taking away the quotes is too academic to me.

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Do you like the way drugs make you feel? Did everyone reach a consensus that hipsterism was impossible to define?

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Come by my success… CL: Oh yeah I was going to say that Miranda July probably counts for like, 30 per cent of my sales. That would be terrible if all your friends were like, big jerks.

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What were you asking me before? Lin countered some of the accusations in a Facebook post which has since been made private, which explains that he did have sex with Ellen when she was sixteen and he was twenty-two, but he never forced her and maintained a strong personal and working relationship with him until this year.

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So who do you want to blurb your next book? But Lin can also produce the feelings of existential wonder that all good novelists provoke.

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In real life I would not stop to explain, I would not want to listen to someone stop to explain, but I would just understand.