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I had experience working with autism and other special needs kids and they were able to find a family that had a child with autism that was a really good fit for me. What are TeacherCaregivers saying? I found TeacherCare right out of college and TC helped me find a great family to work with. We begin our days with warm acquainting where Madelyn is allowed time to warm up to me again and adjust to the new day, after this half hour time slot we begin the days activities which are all broken down into 20 minute increments so that we can maximize on our total days time with enrichment activities.

TeacherCare really understands what a difference one on one learning can make in the early years! At home we focus not only on cognitive development, but we work on everything — responsibility in their daily life, using good manners at the dinner table, practicing piano and guitar, developing physical skills and more!

I would suggest TeacherCare to anyone looking for a quality individualized education in the home for their child. I find out how the child learns i. I am able to focus on my school work AND work in a child-related job that has enhanced my experience in meaningful, productive manner.

I have so many fond memories from the experience. Best of all, I feel great knowing how much I am bringing to her world.

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We have so much fun together sharing special moments. Their communication is outstanding. I am so grateful to have found a perfect fit with a family, schedule, and pay that work for me.

Teachercare has provided me with a full-time job with a wonderful family that appreciates and values my experience as a teacher. I was in a wonderful Kindergarten classroom for 6 years and I loved it, but I never felt like I could give extra attention to specific areas of learning because just as we got started on something, it was time to move on to the next project.

They were incredibly helpful in finding a family that met my needs and matching our personalities. I was able to work one on one with a boy on the autism spectrum who I absolutely adore.

Everyone I spoke to was friendly and very helpful throughout the entire process. As an additional benefit, TeacherCare representatives are always available to both families and teachers to mediate or communicate additional needs or concerns.