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Forget the usual critical cliche about his work: There isa scene in castle, when Mageara first appears and we catch glimpses of herpeeking out at a prospective victim. But the scene that had me mesmerizedand that singularlycrystalizes the Gorgon's chilling presence is when she has turned acharacter with her demonic stare, then seemingly drifts back into theshadows.

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And as he grew more confident and independent in his work for Hammerfilms, Fisher's most personal work smuggled Borzagian romance past hisproducers in horror guise.

She has no emotion, notrue motivation, and she is not shown stalking her prey. The encounter by moonlight in thegraveyard between Richard Pasco and Barbara Shelley.

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The Gorgon was released February and is directed by Terence Fisher. In Fisher's mature work, the linesbetween good and evil are often more ambiguous than in many of the moremodernist horrors that came after him e.

For example, why has the Gorgon's spirit returned toearth?

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Asudden shock close-up and she disappears - almost glides - back into theshadows in long shot, a sequence as well done as anything Fisher has everconstructed. Other touches fleetingly capture the mood ofgothic-romantic literature. Her reflection glimpsed through thedead leaves floating on a mill pond.

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