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Johnston and his officers risk being overwhelmed by the situation.

The Relief Of Belsen 2007

Medical students arrive at the camp to feed the inmates a special "Bengal Famine mixture" that has been sent over from India. There are some 40 thousand prisoners living in two hundred huts, in the most terrible conditions imaginable. Johnston and Sington watch footage of a tractor scooping up corpses ready for burial, and Johnston tells Sington "I don't think people are going to want to see this.

Plot[ edit ] An ambulance crew are diverted away from the front in Northern Germany to help with an unfolding medical emergency at Belsen. The British army have arranged a truce with the Germans to try and contain the spreading infection; eventually Johnston Iain Glen forces the SS to remove the corpses for burial.

Eventually, after a raid on the hospital by the LuftwaffeGonin challenges Johnston's competence, calling him a "pen-pusher", but he has loyal friends who point to his past bravery.

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We are told that they all kept in contact through the years, and all were deeply affected by their experience there. Themes[ edit ] Throughout the film, original footage is seamlessly interspersed with the dramatisation. The rations they are being given are not working either, and despite managing to control the typhus, hundreds are dying every day.

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He tells Johnston "I think people should see this. Despite several setbacks many inmates are fit enough to prepare to leave the camp, and the women are kitted out in second hand clothes from a makeshift "shop" called " Harrods ".

They continue to use the German nurses for the treatment of the typhus patients. Despite initial failure, the women slowly take the mixture, and progress is finally made.

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Richard Dimbleby is seen both in the drama and in the BBC report he gave in At first, Lt Col Mervyn Gonin thinks it is a prisoner of war camp; however the full enormity of the purpose of the camp is soon revealed.

Secretly, however, as revealed by his private memoir, "Johnny" as he is known, has terrible misgivings about the task in hand. The Rabbi, Leslie Hardmanis desperate to help the inmates, but when he smuggles totally inappropriate food to them, he does more harm than good, and many die.

However, she shows strength of character and supports Johnston when he starts to crumble.