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Toa 700 series amplifier hookup, page 24: installation and setup, cont’d, mla-vc10 • installation and setup

Accordingly the signal fed to the L41 can have a priority.

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A gain control is built in MAG. Layout To deliver these impressive power levels we have used bridged amplifiers.

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Connect speakers to one of these outputs. If two or more amplifiers are mounted in an equipment rack, space should be provided between the units for ventilation.

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Switches at the back of the amplifier allow to define the start options for the brightness of the display, the start-condition of the amplifier and the operation mode mono or bi-amping.

This amplifier is characteristically flat even in the low frequency range.

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To mount the amplifier in a standard 19inch equipment rack, use the MB Rackmounting Bracket accessory. Wide dynamic range 2.

TOA – 700 Series Integrated Mixer/Amplifier (A-706)

Protects amplifier from excessive current drain. The PF Perforated Panel is recommended for this purpose. State date, nature of damage, whether any damage was noticed on the shipping container, prior to unpacking.

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Remote switch H21, H22 and X21 Remote volume control facilities Connections Each signal is generated by closing corresponding remote switch. Connectors and start-options The monoamplifier does have balanced and unbalanced inputs.

Wide frequency response 4. Setting position should depend on the equipment connected with L41S.

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Builtin signal activated muting function L41 8. Servicing Unpacking Upon receipt of the amplifier shipment, please inspect for any damage incurred in transit.

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Failure Should amplifier fail, contact your nearest TOA authorized contractor or service center.