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His innocence and diabetic status make him an instant target for bullying. Unlike the other band members, Toki's animal form is shown wearing the skins of several dead rabbits. In class they are shown gruesome crash scene footage, instilling them with a fear of driving.

Skwisgaar uses a defibrillator to "save" Toki. While Toki struggles with this, his bandmates take over much of the Zazz Blammymatazz reunion project.

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However, after hearing his pleas to be given a chance, Skwisgaar was moved by Toki's sincerity and states, "You seem so nice, it's a shame it must go down this way. It is possible this regression in his speech is partially due to his frequent mimicry of Skwisgaar's behavior, and his tendency to revert to a childlike state when stressed.

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Season 1 Edit Toki is first established as a diabetic after an intense candy binge threatens his health. Toki kept up with Skwisgaar throughout the duel but messed up at the end, causing him to lose the duel. This same rabbit appears again in the next episode, Snakes N' Barrels IIas a ghostly image created by the side-effects of Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake, which transforms into a monster at the same time as Toki loses his cool.

Later, Toki and the band run away after Charles scolds them and they believe he does not care about them anymore. He lived on the streets with just his guitar, having no food, money, or shelter.

The project is threatened by surfacing rumors about Dr. When Nathan is attacked by Lavona SuccubosoToki defends Nathan by smashing his beer bottle over her head, knocking her out.