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Trailer Wiring Harnesses

Back to the top How to Wire Your Vehicle for Towing If your vehicle is not equipped with a factory-installed connector, custom wiring is the ideal solution. After plugging the harness into the exiting plugs, you have to ground the converter, and then run a hot wire with an inline fuse to the battery.

How do I rewire my trailer? Because each harness is made for a specific vehicle, a converter will only be included if the vehicle requires it. I believe that they haven't changed the location since the earlier models and if so you hook into the wiring behind the passenger taillight.

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A custom wiring harness or 'T-connector' is a vehicle-specific harness that connects to the vehicle's electrical system and provides a vehicle-to-trailer wiring socket, usually in the form of a 4-way flat.

It is basically a plug-and-play installation. Types of Vehicle Wiring Systems When towing, your trailer's wiring system needs to be connected to your vehicle's wiring system.

This is of course, assuming that you're buying the trailer from someone who knows what they are talking about, and not some kid at Home Depot.

If you don't have the trailer yet, then just take the Av, the Av owner's manual, and the towing guide to the place where you are buying your trailer, and let them set you up. How to Convert Two Different Wiring Systems If custom wiring is not available for your particular make and model, an electrical converter may be required to equip your vehicle with the proper vehicle-to-trailer wiring connection.

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Most of the vehicles I recall seeing had a plug at the very rear of the vehicle under the body. Not only will working taillights, brake lights and turn signals help you avoid a ticket, but more importantly, they will communicate your actions to other drivers on the road and promote safe towing.

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Custom Wiring Harnesses A custom wiring harness has multiple plugs that are used to 'T' into the vehicle's taillight assembly, drawing power directly from the taillights or from a direct batter connection. They are located in the underhood fuse box on the Drivers side of your motor.

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While most plugs and sockets come with standard color-coded wires, the colors illustrated below may not reflect those found on all vehicles and trailers.

Is there a fuse to the trailer wiring harness on a Chevy Silverado?

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Again, turn on your running lights. In this chapter, we will discuss the various wiring and electrical aspects of towing a trailer. It will save you from figuring out how to hook up trailer lights, because you will have a trailer harness connector already there, in the rear bumper.