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Treamis World School, Bangalore - Admissions to 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

This is important as a baseline for her success as she continues her academic careers. At no point of time was there any hard-selling the schooland, yet, the picture that emerged from our two-hour-long discussion with them, made us want to seal the deal right away.

Information about students with special needs are kept confidential and regularly discussed with parents. An escort or security guard travels on the bus at all times.

Our teachers undergo training on new pedagogy and class room administration twice a year. Both the teaching and non-teaching staff are treated with respect and dignity.

I thank Treamis for providing such nurturing environment for my kid. The school firmly believes that religion and school should be separated. This is the school I would suggest if you are planning to join your kids in a better school where the faculty also will be very friendly with the kids.

With a Postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins University, he led fundamental discoveries in several product commercialization in biotechnology.

Spacious class rooms with 35 sq. What, however, nailed it for us is when we visited Treamis World School in Bangalore.

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An assessment is conducted for each child to find out the exact condition of problem. A pre-school is definitely the spring board which allows our kids to take a plunge into higher schooling and eventually face the world and we are so happy that we took the decision to have our kid at this school where learning is not a drudgery but an art, where teaching is not a profession but a passion and where growing up is not a grind but a side effect of all the goodness that they are trying to inculcate in the child.

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Many international schools require students to take an entrance test; this is the case even with primary schools. Transportation Day boarders who do not have access to transportation can sign up for bus services from the school.