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At first I found him unsatisfactory as a romantic lead, his Ricky Gervais appearance and too-gentle demeanor not quite adding up to what I suspect Ms.

Anderson as Randal, the crook to O'Halloran's straight man, gives another performance that, whilst showy, is always believable.

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Other mirthful moments involve the buggery of donkeys, the fundamentals of "ass-to-mouth," and Jay's wonderfully oddball take on Silence of the Lambs' penis-tucking Buffalo Bill.

Clerks II is elevated by an unsentimental heart always pulsing just beneath the surface of its irreverent movements.

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Dante has slightly more to do. Entrenched in the culture of internet blogging and talkback, Smith has crafted some fine and ultra-current dialogue for these diatribes.

In Clerks II, the plainness of his production lends the film an effortlessness and reality that compounds the humor of Smith's script and underscores the banality of the world he captures. The story's tensions are these: Randal spends his days badgering the customers and perpetual employee of the month Elias Trevor Fehrmanan uber-Christian uber-nerd with a penchant for Peter Jackson.

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This isman! Will Smith really show cinemagoers the special talents of Kinky Kelly?

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By the time he has concluded with "Even the trees walk in those movies! However, as the film progresses this becomes entirely the point.

Smith and his team should revel broadly at creating this appealing vignette of Jersey life and we can revel in watching it.

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