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But this experience brings me lots of positive stuff as well. I didn't feel the pain, I was in another world. When I look back it is difficult to believe that all this really happened; at the same time, it is as if it happened only six months ago.

We passed Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and they gave me a little sightseeing tour.

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I had terrible diarrhoea and was unable to control myself. The differential diagnosis included toxic epidermal necrolysis, but the negative Nikolsky's sign and lack of oral and genital involvement suggested otherwise.

I was sent to St Mary's Hospital, where I saw several doctors, who thought my illness could be a bladder problem related to Crohn's disease.

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I kept asking the nurse, by writing, if it would be safe, and if she could check with the doctors. I was aware that something had happened, that I was big and couldn't speak, but it didn't bother me. I have been allergic to every new treatment except those for Crohn's disease.

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I weighed 40 kg, was very weak, but was standing. I told the doctor, who gave me anti-itch pills and I had some blood tests done. The ventilation was removed and I was breathing on my own.

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Desperately she tried and tried again but with no success. I was still not aware of what had happened or of the gravity of the situation.

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Clear history taking and examination of clinical and laboratory findings went against our initial diagnosis of toxic epidermal necrolysis which we had made on the basis of her being very sick with a severe skin reaction.