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If necessary, check and adjust the turning angle: Turning is not absolutely necessary after 15 days of incubation.

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As summarized by Deemingegg turning is essential to normal development for several reasons. Make sure that turning does not produce shocks or jolts, as this adversely affects hatchability and chick quality.

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In commercial incubation, we try to mimic the natural conditions in the nest. Recently Elibol and Brake confirmed the finding of Newthat the most critical period for turning broiler hatching eggs is during the first week of incubation.

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The angle through which the eggs are turned is important. The area vasculosa is important for sub-embryonic fluid formation, as well as for yolk uptake later in incubation.

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Elibol and Brake observed differential effects due to an absence of turning between 0 to 2 days primarily increased early mortality versus 3 to 8 days primarily increased late mortality.

Especially in incubators with insufficient cooling capacity, it can be beneficial to leave the eggs in a horizontal position to facilitate increased air flow cooling over the eggs. The effect of not turning during the first half of incubation is only seen during the second half of incubation, but by then it is too late to take corrective actions.

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Practical aspects of commercial incubation in poultry. Incubation Whitepaper Written by Gerd de Lange, 27 August Broody hens provide optimum conditions for embryos developing in the eggs they are sitting on.

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Turning failures during the second half of incubation will generally have less dramatic effects, although the growth rate of the embryo can be affected, depending on the moment and duration of the turning failure.