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Archaeological discoveries across a broad swath of Europe especially Southern France, Northern Spain, and Swabia, in Germany include over two hundred caves with spectacular Aurignacian paintings, drawings and sculpture that are among the earliest undisputed examples of representational image-making.

A large number of Magdalenian bone blades exhibit very rich decorations which were obtained by grouping motifs of this origin: Pontnewydd and the Elwy Valley Caves.

It was the culminating point of Magdalenian art, which was to die a sudden death. Figurative Art Starting from the instinct for the active imitation of the living by the living and from the feeling for likeness which is inherent in it, it developed first of all through dramatic art and disguises using animal remains, then from man-made masks which established their own autonomy.

The elements of this original stylised art greatly enriched ornamental art from the beginning of the Magdalenian. Are hand stencils in European cave art older than we think?

Photographs show that the drawing shown above is very carefully rendered but may be misleading.

List of Stone Age art

Relief sculpture is merely another step in the process. In The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology. After the achievements of the Perigordian, mural art reverted to simple black line-drawings, as if in charcoal; later the line grew firmer and thicker; the down strokes and up strokes were differentiated.

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The significance of these simplified figures is not easy to define. The earliest and most primitive of these can be seen in Gorham's Cave c.

The transposition of figures on to narrow surfaces could not take place without difficulty and waste. Then hatching developed; colours were modelled.

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The animals' actual remains have supplied the raw material for the Eskimos, the reindeer; for the North American Indians, the wolf; for the Bushmen, the ostrich. This was the origin of the meandering lines in the La Pileta Cave near Malagathe equivalent of the 'macaronis' of Gargas.

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