Understanding Music : Jeremy Yudkin : Understanding Music : Jeremy Yudkin :

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Remember to be a considerate audience member: Format your papers to Times New Roman, pt font, double-spaced and please respect the word limit.

Understanding Music by Jeremy Yudkin [PDF]

The time shall be limited to five minutes. Musical examples and interactive listening guides are available on MySearchLab. It will be scheduled during the final exam period. You are welcome to bring in music that you enjoy during the term. Writings about music the textbookwhile crucial, are supplemental to the listening experience.

Go to the Music Maisie Sum folder. Additional information about assignments, lectures, reading and listening, test results and other important items will be posted there.

On campus at Conrad Grebelthere are noonhour concerts of chamber and vocal music performances. Read Policy 70, Student Petitions and Grievances, Section 4 When in doubt please be certain to contact the department s administrative assistant who will provide further assistance. The deadline for the first review is March