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What should be the Unificationist response today? Central to Unification teachings is the concept that fallen mankind can be restored to God only through Christ the Messiahwho comes as a new Adam to become the new head of the human race replacing the sinful parentsthrough whom mankind can be reborn into God's family.

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Today, we can expect America to enter a similar period of decline, and cannot hope to prevent it. Massimo Introvigne, who studied the Unification Church and other new religious movementssaid that this confirmed that full-time membership is no longer considered crucial to church members.

However it was not a commercial success. The National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, and other Christian-based groups have fought tooth-and-nail for many years to prevent what has just happened.

Standing against same-sex marriage has only given energy to the gay rights movement, feeding into its mantra that Christians are homophobic, hatemongering, anti-freedom and anti-equality.

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They were attracted to their example of love, conviction in what they believed, sense of responsibility, honesty, integrity, and humility.

Moon said the Last Days will be a time when chaos and confusion will reign: In this way we can equip them with the inner strength to resist and overcome the temptations of the surrounding world.

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It is essential to fulfilling the second blessing and the purpose of life. Unification Church activity in South America began in the s with missionary work.

Indeed, the highest spiritual path in many religions has been one of celibacy. Unificationists, however, see the fruit as symbolic of sexual love and that the story is really about the abuse or misuse of that love.