Become a Permanent Resident Through Your U.S. Citizen Child - Become a Permanent Resident Through Your U.S. Citizen Child -

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Citizen Child Parents can get permanent residency a green card through their U.

Become a Permanent Resident Through Your U.S. Citizen Child

Citizenship by naturalisation[ edit ] Citizenship of India by naturalisation can be acquired by a foreigner who is ordinarily resident in India for 6 years throughout the period of 12 months immediately preceding the date of application and for 5 years in the aggregate of 14 years preceding the 12 months and other qualifications as specified in Third Schedule to the Citizen Act.

Citizen who is at least 21 years old, and your… Then you must submit If your parents are in the United States and have applied to adjust to permanent resident status by filing Form I, they are eligible to apply for employment and travel authorization while their case is pending.

In case of acquired enclaves, that did not necessitate legislative action, as that was only a border demarcation agreement. I am confused as different forums are giving different info.

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If you were born in the U. From 15 August, British protection over the princely states lapsed, and Indians who were subjects of a principality automatically lost their status as British protected persons.

You can apply for a Indian passport when returning to India for your child only if you decide not to apply for a US passport.

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Provided further that if either of the parents of a person referred to in clause b was a citizen of India by descent only, that person shall not be a citizen of India by virtue of this section unless- a his birth is registered at an Indian consulate within one year of its occurrence or on or after the 10th day of December,whichever is later, or, with the permission of the Central Government, after the expiry of the said period; or b either of his parents is, at the time of his birth, in service under a Government of India: Will Pakistani citizenship be automatically renounced when an Indian passport is obtained and vice versa?

Or perhaps the parents brought the child from another country, and the child somehow qualified for a green card while the parents did not, then eventually applied for U.

Would they end up paying huge school and college fees for their child, an American citizen, after they return to India?

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In addition, any minor child of that person also loses Indian citizenship from the date of renunciation. If your parents are now outside the United States, they will receive a passport stamp upon arrival in the United States.

For help understanding immigration laws, you can contact an immigration attorney who can answer any questions you may have about citizenship and help you file any necessary forms. Third, you can be a citizen through the naturalization processwhich generally involves applying for, and passing, a citizenship test.

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