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He runs from one person to another seeking compliments and endorsements for his behavior and actions. This is vital for marriage. It's been the site of intense pain and the most intense feelings of joy and satisfaction.

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I wish my feelings for you could just suddenly walk out of my life just like you did Anonymous But the reverence which is difficult, and which has personal merit in it, is the respect which you pay, without compulsion, to the political or religious attitude of a man whose beliefs are not yours.

Music speaks when words can't express your feelings Anonymous Feelings that came back are feelings that never went away Anonymous There was just him and me and the feelings that had burned between us for so long.

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Part of this is because the Internet makes approval feel more tangible. Never apologize for what you feel.

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I have a bad feeling about this. Mixed feelings, like mixed drinks, are a confusion to the soul.

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This disapproval confirms to you something that you do value about yourself.