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At the end, I dash home, fretting over whether anyone will have ticked me to indicate they'd like to see me again.

Welcome to lindoo

At some point I get attached to a bearded man, with no other hand in sight to save me. I go on to master motioning the guitar, the accordion and mouth-organ, before having an entire 'conversation' about horses.

The actual number of cyclists that were using the installed bike lanes. It sounds like a cringingly embarrassing am-dram exercise, but I can feel the atmosphere changing. The stare of the tall, dark man next to him is so intense I decide he may well be a serial killer.

It's fun, inventive - and preferable to spending hours with someone droning on Then I notice the woman next to me: After all that hand-holding, Lucy instructs us to jump in the air every time we turn to face someone, while saying: One keeps raising his eyebrows and making faces.

We started the date at a diner, a place that as a vegetarian I would probably not have chosen myself. A visit to Vancouver? Lucy asks us to walk round the room and make eye contact with each other, before shaking everyone's hand - the rule being that you cannot let go of one man's grasp until you have grabbed someone else's.

This sends me into a spin. The same goes for Anna, the petite woman next to me. Was there a moment when you thought, what have I got myself into?

First, there will be a non-verbal round where we will all sit in front of each other for a minute at a time and are allowed to make noises and gesticulate. A besuited man next to me waves at me.