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So, my tax dollars at work.

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Oh yeah, a guy dreams his whole life of a beautiful woman bringing him a sandwich. Maybe I smoked so much ganja, I don't even remember doing it. I hear you do detective stuff for people.

And you know what I won't be having?

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Ugh, you need to not remind me you're in high school. This has nothing to do with us. I've never, um, I've never seen my parents having sex. Eighteen points, eight assists.

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Maybe everyone else is right. So you got a trophy for a rim job?

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And he made a bong? My Dad spend the night at your place? I don't think that's a healthy perspective.

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And I wanna thank my agent and my publicist for always shooting me from the left side. Or is there a specific area on which you'd like my opinion? If you're joking, you really can act.

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Yeah, I went into their room to borrow Mom's black sweater. You know, I polled the rest of the soccer team.