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It has a very unusual sweet, animal aroma and is used in the preparation of the most expensive womens fragrances and essential oils.

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Black ambergris does not contain alcohol and is prepared according to old recipes which remain secret. How to talk to a girl without being boring.

This oil is the strongest natural female pheromone and exciting acts on the male hormonal system through the sense of smell.

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Before you pay, please make sure your address in PayPal matches the address you would like us to a girl out ship to, also your phone number would be helpful for delivery and for the package tracking.

The male sperm whale senses the dominant female through many miles of water.

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Currently, almost all collected natural ambergris is purchased by the most prestigious perfume manufacturers to be used in the production of expensive, luxurious perfumes. Buyer accepts and agrees that all return postage is their responsibility and must be sent back by recorded delivery.

Black ambergris is the most expensive component of elite perfumes and is in particular used in the production of most expensive luxury perfumes Item is shipped out from USA by usps standard shipping with tracking number.

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Total confidentiality is guaranteed during the whole transaction. Pua cold reading routines, dating guide for single women.

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Ambergris oil on girls should be applied to the skin, hair and face. In perfumerythere are:

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