How to Test a Phone Line With an Analog Voltmeter | How to Test a Phone Line With an Analog Voltmeter |

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Even in the age of smartphones, it can still be important to have a working landline. Then, place the leads on any two wires.

Technical Details

Remove the short plug wire, and then go back inside and removes the line plugs from all phones that share the line. Likewise, touch the red probe lead to the green wire. If you are having a problem with a phone line, try switching out phones to make sure that the phone itself is not the culprit.

A wire that has continuity will allow electricity to flow freely through the length of the wire without obstruction.

However, if there is no voltage reading displayed, or if it is zero, then your lines are not getting a signal from the telephone company at all.

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OK, so it is not infinite, but some meters use an op-amp on the input and do have an "infinite" input impedance. Your voltmeter should display a low voltage reading of around 45 to 48 mV. This handy step-by-step guide will show you how!

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Step 2 - Set Your Voltmeter to Test Continuity Follow the directions that came with your voltmeter for setting it to test for continuity or an open circuit.

Since the wires should never touch, continuity indicates a problem in this case. Instead, just set your voltmeter to "volts" or "VDC" and touch the black probe lead to the red wire inside the box.

For an example, we will say your meter has 1M of input impedance, and the voltage on your battery when the truck is turned off we will say is 12V. Then you meter will draw 12 microAmps not milliAmps, but times smaller.

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If the voltmeter indicates that there is continuity, you have a problem with your home's internal wiring and will need to repair it.