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You like my profile -- inbox me introducing about yourself. Here we can arrange face to face chatting, and send sms.

Dong Song Bang Lyrics

Neu co nuoc mat, neu co yeu thuong, Menh mong dong song thi tham cung em Tieng hat ay vut cao hoa vao troi xanh Nhung luc buot gia niu keo con tim, Khong gian lang im, mot dong song bang Mong ban mai, dua anh duong ve cung dong song. You switch yourself off to me and I was just like 'numb' to reply you.

Male 30 - 45 Well-educated, gentle, kind, strong, ambitious and attractive. Create lyrics explanation Select some words and click "Explain" button.

We are looking for a life partner who share emotional, spiritual, physical aspects for the rest of life, not a junior subordinate. Pls with your photos available in your profile as well. Be boss to your employees and staffs. Co tieng hat luot tren dong song, nhu con tim em buon vui muon noi. I like your profile and then I reply.

Chatting over mobile messenger: Co noi nho, khac ghi tuoi tho, noi phuong xa, mot mua dong bang gia Co tuyet trang, che lap con duong, doi chan em con doc dai lanh cam.

To explain lyrics, select line or word and click "Explain". Co co gai om giac mo hong, giua troi dong lanh lung.