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Tyzack, Sons and Turner were two such companies that used their own branding.

Warranted Superior Hand Saw

Were the saws sent out to the US as parts and assembled once they arrived there? So I spray liberally the jointer cast iron bed and a handsaw I'm working on.

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Most American saw makers were purchased by one of these three makers, listed above, and continued with their other makers saws except that they would not stamped them with their "good name" and instead put their Warranted medallion on them. So if you find any American Warranted superior saws, chances are pretty good it was made by Disston!

On the left, the shield is supported by the English Lion. The unicorn is chained because in medieval times a free unicorn was considered a very dangerous beast that could only be tamed by a virgin. This Jackson backsaw second line from Disston from my "ahem" assortment, featured the typical Eagle first used on Warranted Superior medallions by Disston A more modern WS American medallion While this British Simpson tenon saw has a mythical slayer Typically, British WS medallions have a coat of arms on them.

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As any saw restorer knows, removing and refitting split nuts on old saws can give rise to many an anxious moment. The word Superior simply means that the saw was made from the best materials available at the time.

My reasoning for saying the other four medallions are English is simply because they are all based on the Official Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

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Bob, who was worry I'll catch hell because I forgot to changes my clothes before making a rusty mess The steel was the equal of named brands too and so was the workmanship.

It has often been written mostly by American bloggers and forum posters that saws carrying a Warranted Superior medallion were second line saws produced by saw manufacturers.

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In the catalog, you can buy replacement medallions, but only with Warranted superior, not Disston on it. Seriously though, in the UK it was seen as a mark of the utmost quality.