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Rachel genuinely believes she can find her husband if she plays the game right. Who stood tall for his team against an overwhelming force?

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I understand that at face value, a dating reality show as ostensibly preposterous, unrealistic, untraditional, and hyperbolized as The Bachelorette deserves a degree of scrutiny; however, the show is much more than it seems if the viewer puts in the time and attention.

Trista and Ryan First Bachelorette are still going strong after 12 years of marriage.

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The lisp gets on my last nerve, but I know he can't help that and I would not want to make fun of something like that. She takes the journey seriously and makes the hasty decisions that she does, not because she is naive, but because she believes in the journey ahead. These men were built from the foundation of family, so to witness the village that made him, as well as his interactions and proximity with said village, speaks volumes to the man's character development and internalized values.

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Listen for unnatural cuts during a contestant's interview insinuating that his line was cut up and edited by the show producers. This scavenger hunt is one of understanding. Connor gets jealous and then retaliates - via Abcnews Kufrin, 28, confirmed she's engaged after she first appeared on "The Bachelor," and viewers saw her accept a marriage proposal from racecar driver Arie Luyendyk Jr.

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Not only can the viewer attain a more thorough understanding of production behind the scenes, but he or she can also garner empathy and understanding for the contestants.

The show has done a cunning job exaggerating, omitting, implanting, and influencing the truth, no doubt; however, the character and relationship developments are what truly drive the show surrounding petty, surrounding drama or silly, inconsequential, albeit funny cuts to quirky elements of the season say, Ashley S.

Don't fall for the "coming up" previews that precede commercial breaks, for almost every single one is falsely advertised or skewed.

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Yes, it is easy to call every slice of drama, affection, and romance as a gimmick manufactured by evil producers. Imagine this man having drinks at the bar with his friends discussing a chick he banged and the mother who drives him nuts.

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