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Wearing a tuxedo casually dating. The rules of wearing a tuxedo

The vest is made from the same material as the jacket, and either the lapels or the entire vest can be faced in the same material as the jacket lapels.

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Just give yourself some room in a couple of key areas like the stomach and hips. Whichever waist covering you choose, it should conceal the waistband of your trousers all the way around. As for the style of the trousers, pleated or plain front is up to you.

The two are a match made in heaven.

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Unsubscribe any time you feel like it. Tuxedos are worn with solid white button-up shirts with studs. Alternatively, you can wear a dress shirt with a covered placket an extra strip of fabric that covers the buttons of your shirt. Other Articles You'll Enjoy.

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Well, yes, there are. A little bolder look.

How to Style a Tuxedo Jacket Casually – in Paris, France

Both double-breasted and single-breasted vests are acceptable. Traditionally, it is made from the same silk as the jacket lapel facings.

Midnight blue, being blacker than black, is not merely an exception to the rule but an exceptional choice for shimmering with distinction under the moonlight. You may be able to find a sale on a tuxedo, but generally you will be paying more than you would for a suit.

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I love the structure of the bag and the versatility of it. Which leads us to another important point… 2.