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He supported the peace agreement and encouraged young people to get involved in the process of ending the war. The Communists were in a bind at the end ofwith perennial candidate Gennady Zyuganov, now in his 70s, polling in third behind another veteran, the nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

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During the rally, Wavy Gravy who wore clown makeup, a blue track suit, and a propellor cap announced, "The Nobody motorcade has just been spotted. He first took part in presidential elections in I need her in my life. Three angelic years and 3 demonic years with her.

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Who is your favorite Bad Girl of all time? Source Photo 8The comedian who ran for president five times With his thin, triangular face and look of a worn-down town clerk, comedian Pat Paulsen first came to national prominence on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, which ran from to The presidential election will take place in March, Grudinin is a successful businessman and the majority shareholder in the Lenin State Farm, outside Moscow.

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What song gets you in the mood? InGreen took part in his second and final presidential campaign, as the nominee of Kirby Hensley's Universal Party, with fellow saucerian Daniel Fry as his vice-presidential running mate. The senator affirms that his policy would be based on four key pillars: It was to be Green's last hurrah in the political arena, ending with a paltry votes tallied.

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Russian tabloid Life News has been bashing Grudinin for some weeks.