Rumored to be a Gay & Dating, does Shepard Smith have any Boyfriend? Rumored to be a Gay & Dating, does Shepard Smith have any Boyfriend?

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Trace Gallagher will fill in on days when Smith is absent. However, Shepard denied the reports in October publicly stating that Roger was supportive of his relationship with his boyfriend and never did anything wrong to him or his boyfriend.

Though the duo seemed happy together, after six years of marriage they decided to separate.

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Shepard Smith with his boyfriend Gio Graziano Source: He initially didn't ponder about his sexuality, but later duringhe finally accepted his gay sexuality after a meeting with Psychologist George Weinberg. Sexual Harassment Case Against Roger Ailes However, Smith had nice things to say about the man as he claimed Gio and himself went to this amazingly beautiful home.

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BuildingNew York City. While many people know Shepard as Fox News go-to journalist and news anchor, only a few people actually know him away from the cameras, thus the purpose of this writing. Shepard Smith has publicly stated on his show "StudioB"that he is a Methodist.

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We live a very normal life and go to dinner and go to games and see his family and see my family. He also said that Roger and his wife invited them to their house party in October with open arms. How did Shepard Smith become famous? Smith's coming out didn't harm his contract negotiations with Fox.

This was when he confirmed he was in a relationship with another man. Shepard's current boyfriend is none other than Giovanni Graziano, who worked under Smith for Fox Report with Shepard Smith from October to October as a production assistant.

Also in November ofShepard was arrested by the Florida police and was charged with aggravated battery against another fellow female reporter over the issue of a parking space.

The show often takes a swifter pace compared to the network's other programming, making a larger focus of the program on breaking-news events with live correspondents. Covered Florida ballot counting controversy It's great for us, but I can't imagine anyone else finding it interesting.