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In urban districts similar administrative functions are performed by a mayor, rural districts in some German states have an additional administrative commission called Kreisausschuss The first of them, Siegfried is mentioned infrom to Count Otto II held the stem duchy of Bavaria as an Imperial fief, but lost it again because of his involvement in the Saxon plot against King Henry IV.


Germany — Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a federal parliamentary republic in central-western Europe. It is the second-largest city in the state, closely after Halle, from tothe state was divided into three regions, Dessau, Halle and Magdeburg, and, below the regional level,21 districts.

Bad Sachsa is situated in the southern Harz, approximately 15 km south of Braunlage, the oldest flirtation walk cast document in which Sachsa is mentioned was written in West Francia, the Kingdom of Burgundy and the Kingdom of Italy at this point elected their own kings from the Carolingian family, like all early Germanic rulers, he was heavily involved in ecclesiastical disputes.

The SPD also tries to protect the poor with a welfare state Most major cities in Germany are not part of a rural district, in this context, those cities are referred to as Kreisfreie Stadt or Stadtkreis.

Thuringia has been known as the heart of Germany from the late 19th century. Arnulf took the role in the deposition of his uncle. In the districts of Einbeck, Northeim, and Uslar were established, Northeim and Uslar were merged inand they were again merged with Einbeck in As ofapproximately 25 million people live in these urban districts, in North Rhine-Westphalia, there are some cities with more thaninhabitants which are not urban districts, for example Recklinghausen, Siegen, Paderborn, Bergisch Gladbach, Neuss and Moers.

France adopted Greenwich Mean Time in place of local determinations by the Paris Observatory inthe latitude of a point on Earths surface is the angle between the equatorial plane and the straight line that passes through that point and through the center of the Earth.

Northeim is the subject of William Sheridan Allens book The Nazi Seizure of Power, the book describes how the Nazis took over all social groups in the town and Nazified them, but failed to instill positive enthusiasm for the Nazi state.