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In other words, many who pay the AMT have incomes that would place them among the wealthy when considering the United States as a whole, but who think of themselves as "middle class" because of the cost of living in their locale.

Once I know the nodes are valid, I write some statistics to the TextBox screen. At any point in time, the current node's name, type, and value can be inspected through XmlTextReader properties.

There is one more thing you need to do to this schema. XPathNavigator is based on the XPath data model and provides the methods needed to implement XPath queries over any data store.

Growth of the AMT[ edit ] Although the AMT was originally enacted to target high-income households, it now affects millions of families each year.

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In that example I used the WriteElementString method. Languages supported by the script tag include CVB. Click the element ConfigDate in the complex type control. The Load and Transform methods of the System. A parameter may be added to the System.

Because the AMT was not indexed to inflation untiland because of recent tax cuts, [18] [65] an increasing number of middle-income taxpayers have been finding themselves subject to this tax. IXPathNavigable interface, which allows each to be passed as parameters directly into the Transform method of the System.

It alsos describe how to use various input sources for an XSLT transformation. As early as the first Tax Reform study inarguments were made for eliminating the deduction for state and local taxes: In extreme cases, if the stock is private or the value drops, it may be impossible to realize the money the AMT demands.

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