Validation of XML with XSD Validation of XML with XSD

Xmlvalidatingreader xml reader msdn, private properties

Depending on the the node type, either Name or Value or both are populated.

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Note that XmlReader properties and methods may not be available on every node type. If authentication is required to access a network resource, use the XmlResolver property to specify an XmlResolver with the necessary credentials.

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If set to null, external resources are not resolved. When positioned on a node, this method pulls all content from the current node including markup, starting from the element tag up to the element end tag.

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For more information, see the Remarks section of the XmlReader reference page. When using methods that move among attributes, attributes that receive values from a DTD or a schema are acted upon just like attributes that are given values in the XML stream.

VB.Net/XML/XML Validation

XmlReader has methods and properties to: Name ; break; case XmlNodeType. An XmlReaderSettings instance to control parsing and validation options.

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These methods work as follows: The Depth property of the reader returns the current depth of the reader. Because XmlReader allows you to read from potentially slow resources streams and URIsit offers asynchronous versions of most of its methods so that you can easily write non-blocking code.