SOLVED: How to hook up a prosport 8 2 bank charger - Fixya SOLVED: How to hook up a prosport 8 2 bank charger - Fixya

Xps i series 3 bank charger how to hook up, shop by category

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For example, could I use 2 12 volt batteries connected in series with a 36 volt watt motor? So plz plz plz tell me what should i do, so tht i can save my valuable batteries and inverter. Rewired them for 12 volt system and have 8 new 6v golf cart batteries deep cycle from Sams.

Your tech staff must have some wonderful discussions at break time. Can I plug it into a 12V solar charger to charge it?

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Please contact one of our techs at tech batterystuff. Even though the battery connections should be sandwiched under bolts, any acid leakage or corrosion can possibly impair performance.

Also if your are pulling very high amp loads the battery bank you have might not be sufficient for your load depending on the low voltage cutoff on your inverter.

3 Bank Onboard Charger

This path protects against self-generated galvanic corrosion, helpful against other types of corrosion, and also acts as a radio ground. I only want to use this for storage incase of a power failure.

The "common" on each switch will be your positive output to the motors corresponding them to port and starboard. Sorry for the delay. So even though you could do it, we would not recommend such action.

Does the voltage of the battery need to match the voltage of the motor? What issues will I face charging these batteries together when connected in parallel because of the different capacity ratings?

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Connect the negative lead from the multimeter to the negative terminal on the second battery. Repeat the process to add a third battery.

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