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Travnik today has some 16, residents, with a metro municipality population that is probably close to 57, people. This city is a treasury of various cultural and historical events, so that it has also been the hometown of numerous important personalities.

The period of Austrian occupation brought westernization and industry to Travnik, but also a reduction of importance. The cleanup and rebuilding took several years.

The city quickly grew into one of the more important settlements in the region, as authorities constructed mosques, marketplaces, and various infrastructure.

During when Sarajevo was set afire by soldiers of Field-Marshal Prince Eugene of Savoy, Travnik became the capital of the Ottoman province of Bosnia and residence of the Bosnian viziers.

What makes it special in the world are two clock towers of 20 m, built in the 18th century by Travnik's viziers, and it is also the only city in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a sundial, built in After the Ottoman conquest of Bosnia in the s, much of the local population converted to Islam.

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Travnik is also the hometown of many artists, scientists, travel account authors, but above all tolerant and cordial persons. The Yugoslav Wars and their consequences altered the way and quality of living in Novi Travnik. Its exciting past has resulted in and left many important personalities and events.

The city itself is first mentioned by the Ottomans during their conquest of nearby Jajce.